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Merkur slot machines are something like a household name among casino lovers. These exceptionally exciting and entertaining slot machines are made in Germany. Paul Gauselmann, a German entrepreneur and inventor, is the man behind the brand. His first machine was called “Merkur B” and rose quickly to stardom in the 60’s. His small company suddenly saw increasing number of German customers but also casinos from all over Europe. Soon the company opened its first own casino, called “Spielothek”.  “Spielothek” turned out to be another success with now roughly 200 casinos in Germany and additional ones in other surrounding European countries. The next logical step for such an innovative company had to be the internet. Being German involves careful planning of a project of such dimension. Since Merkur slots online would have to offer the same quality and excitement than their original brothers and sisters, it took quite a number of years to develop a range of Merkur slots online living up the company’s high quality standards.

Merkur Slots Online at Their Best Full HD Quality

Let’s have a look at some of the most famous Merkur Slots online versions. The most famous one surely must be “Triple Chance”, a straight forward game on 3 reels with 5 rows allowing a total of five pay lines. After every spin each one of these pay lines is calculated according to the Triple Chance pay table. The aim is to find 3 matching symbols in a one or more of those play lines. If there is more than one winning pay line, they are being added up to show your final winnings.

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Obviously there is an extra feature in the game. If the same symbol shows 9 times on the screen, the rewin feature kicks in. With luck being on your side at Merkur slots online a full screen can be won. Other features are of course there are many other features like the gamble ladder and maximum bets. As one probably can tell, I am not a professional gambler, but I am enjoying the thrill of the Merkur slots online knowing that my money is safe, and that I can easily close my browser to look at the next game, “Candy & Fruits”. With its 5 reels and 10 lines it strikes me to be slightly more complicated. Once more is every pay linecalculated. A minimum of three identical symbols in a horizontal line is needed for a win. Fruit is nice but candy is better as it fills up my wallet. This Merkur slots online game also gives you a joker in form of a fruit basket. Add the features I found with “Triple Chance”, and this will be quite some fun for the hours to come!

Striking Games for Players of All Levels

Just looking at the striking name, the “Gold of Persia” has to be an extraordinary game of Merkur slots online… and so it is. A quite complicated looking game with 5 reels and 5 lines and seemingly endless combinations. The only way to get a grip on those is to have a good look at the pay table. At least some functions remain the same with every game giving me some confidence in my skills. As I work my way through the Merkur slots online games, from the “Diamond Casino” to the “Spacemen”, I am starting to recognise features and extras I have tried previously. The instructions to every game are very clear, and once played a few times, I am happily betting away my play money. None of the 12 Merkur slots online games has been disappointing, and I slowly understand how millions of players of all levels continue enjoying them on a regular basis.

Merkur Slots and Sunmaker Casino Online is a Winning Combination

Merkur Slots online have found a proven partner in Sunmaker Casino. Years of business in the European Casino market have given Sunmaker the experience to take on new challenges in this increasingly competitive market. Sunmaker Casino is offering top Merkur slots online games with outstanding quality graphics, animations and functions. Merkur Slots online is living up to the highest expectations regards to secure and timeous handling of your money. All games are  thoroughly checked before going online, and will meet the strict requirements of the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001. Transfers are mostly done via Moneybookers, Paysafecard or Giropay, and of course via credit card or bank transfer. So far this has been an excellent start of a working relationship, and any malfunctions or problems have been so far tackled and solved in a matter of a few days. With the 24-hour live chat it is conveniently possible to contact the support team at all times, and to have all your questions answered in no time. Alternatively one can leave a message which usually will be answered within in minutes. Sunmaker Casino is definitely going the extra mile to ensure that everyone can play Merkur slots online with many sunny smiles!